Monday, March 30, 2020

10 Herbal Remedies For Bad Breath

Herbal Solution to Bad Breath

There are many causes of bad breath, and it is a bad situation that bothers the people in it and the people around it. Rotten teeth, gum infections, chronic tonsillitis, chronic bronchitis, lung diseases, chronic gastritis and sinus diseases can cause bad breath. Let’s come to herbal solutions.

Wormwood Grass

Throw half a teaspoon of wormwood in a cup of boiling water and cool. Then strain this mixture and gargle and spit in the morning.

Ajuga (Buglewee) Grass

Break the yeast in a liter of water, then boil and gargle. Again, miracle herb in nature is one of the effective solutions to bad breath.


Put artichokes in a liter of water, strain and gargle. Artichoke, which is very useful, also gets the bad breath.


Boil and drain the leaves of lilac grass, licorice root and crow’s feet in a liter of water, and drink one cup 3 times a day. Each of these plants in nature benefits our body and has solutions to various problems.


Add grated radish, citrus peel and hyacinth into a liter of water and boil. Strain and gargle.

Almond- honey

Mix honey into the almonds you beat and drink it on an empty stomach in the morning. Many other troubles also make good results in the cure of honey and almond bad breath.


Hold a teaspoon of tarhana in your mouth and swallow it. You will not believe the effect of tarhana on bad breath.


Put celery leaves in a liter of water, boil, strain and gargle. Celery also benefits your bad breath.


You can throw lemon slices into plain soda and eat these lemon slices when your soy is finished. You can also consume menthol or lemon flavored candies.


Sulfur compounds, which are residues of bacteria living in the oral cavity, cause bad smell. Chewing the coffee beans eliminates the sulfur components. Drinking Turkish Coffee after meals is also effective against smell.

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