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14 surprising facts about the flu!

What is Flu?

Influenza, caused by a virus called “influenza”, is an infectious respiratory disease. For more basic information about flu, you can take a look at our post “What is Flu and How to Treat It?” In this post, we have compiled you with unknown information about the flu. Let’s take a look at them all together.

Surprising Facts About Flu

Don’t Say Flu
200,000 thousand people apply to the flu-related hospital per year, which is only in America. The cause of death of 36,000 people a year is the flu. Worldwide, there are three to five million hospital admissions for the flu. 500,000 deaths annually in the world

More Than Those Who Die in War
The number of people who died from the Spanish flu is greater than the sum of people who died during the First World War and the Second World War, the Korean War, the Vietnam War.

Influenza Outbreak Treatment Costs Also Great
The cost of treating annual flu outbreaks, including lost wages and worker productivity, is billions of dollars in the United States alone each year.

There are Many Types of Flu
There have been four major influenza outbreaks since the 1900s. The newest one is swine flu, the last one is the Hong Kong flu, which kills about a million people. Asian flu is also of Chinese origin. It is estimated to take between one and four million lives.

The Deadliest Flu Type!
Spanish flu has killed between 100 million worldwide. It is known as the deadliest flu in history. It was sometimes called “Purple Death”. Because the patients who got the Spanish flu seemed to turn purple, black or blue. Those who died in the Spanish flu are Native Americans rather than Spanish.

They Live Long
Flu viruses are hard like stainless steel. It can live 12-48 hours on non-porous surfaces and fabric textures. They live at body temperature for about a week. They can live as infectious for more than 30 days in the cold and constantly below 0 degrees.

Where Did Swine Flu Come From?
Swine Flu first became a common disease in Mexico and the United States in March and April 2009.

Some People Are Immune to Swine Flu
People born before 1957 have immunity of H1N1 (swine flu). Their immunity can be a result of exposure to the previous virus or seasonal flu vaccine.

Viruses Means Slimy Liquid
Viruses mean “Slimy Liquid”. It is simpler than bacteria. It is a genetic material coated with an oil membrane called capsid.

Viruses Are Smaller Than Bacteria
Viruses are 20 to 100 times smaller than bacteria. It can be seen only with a microscope.

It killed 774 people out of 8,000 people in Asia, Europe, America and 20 countries.

First Flu Experiment
In 1933, British researchers Wilson Smith, Christopher Andrews and Patrick P. Laidlaw were the first to identify the flu virus by trying it on poppies.

Flu Vaccines Are The Source Of Chicken1
Vaccines can be dangerous for people with egg allergies. No needle or nasal spray vaccines should be taken without doctor’s approval.

Swine Flu According To Some Historians
The Native Americans on the island of Hispaniola have the belief that the outbreak began because in 1493 they carried the pigs by ship and brought them to America.

First Documented Human Pandemic
The first well-documented human pandemic occurred in 1889-90. It was called “H2N2”. He killed about a million people.

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