Monday, March 30, 2020

Facts You Need to Know About Italian Cuisine!

Italian cuisine is one of the best known and most popular cuisines in the world. When you go to Italy or travel anywhere in the world, you will definitely come across an Italian restaurant in the city’s alleys or streets. In this content, we have listed surprising information about Italian cuisine.

How Did Italian Food Come Out?
After the fall of the Roman Empire, different cities began to separate and form their own traditions, and the Italian food culture emerged.

Sauce Is Very Important
They spend more effort on pasta’s sauce than pasta. These sauces form the basis of pasta.

Places to Eat for Not Pleasure
It should be that every Italian basil grows its own, mozeralla makes cheese on its own, it opens its pasta at home. The fact that Italian cuisine dishes, where the use of frozen materials is seen as shame, is famous due to its fresh ingredients.

Has Eating Rules
Do not say whether it is the rule of eating, Italian cuisine is very sensitive in this regard. Let’s take a look at them together.

Order Reserve
You went to a restaurant for dinner. You picked up the menu and made a selection from the main course. The waiter will object to this situation. Because, there is an order of eating dinner in Italian cuisine. First you need to place an initial order. Then, you should order pasta, meat or fish, cheese, fruit, dessert and finally stomach comfort, respectively.

6. You Can’t Eat Bread With Pasta

Does anyone eat bread with pasta? If there is one day your way to Italy, know that it is not appropriate for Italians to eat bread with pasta. If you say you have to eat bread, you can request bread to scrape the sauce left at the bottom when you finish your pasta. This is a compliment for Italians. It means that the pasta sauce is very popular.

Next to the Pizza These are No Smoking
Let’s say you ordered pizza. You also wanted a coke or carbonated beverage as a beverage. Do not do this. Because in Italy, you can only order two things next to the pizza. Water and wine!

Eating Alone
It is one of the strictest rules of Italian cuisine. Eating alone is not eaten. You must have someone or someone to accompany you.

No Food in Plate
This rule seems a little familiar … Yes, just like us, it is not welcome to leave food on the plate. Whether you eat in the restaurant or at a friend’s house, wherever you eat, do not leave food on your plate. This behavior is not acceptable to the Italians. Because it carries the message I don’t like the food.

Spaghetti Not Inedible
One of the most popular Italian cuisine dishes is made without breaking spaghetti. Wrapping the spaghetti into the spoon is a shame.

No Knife Used When Eating Pasta
Never use knives while eating pasta. Because this means that the pasta is cooked so bad that I can cut it with a knife.

Cappuccino No Drinking After Eating
Coffee is not drunk next to the main dish. If the waiter asks if you are drinking coffee after eating, it means espresso from coffee. Do not say cappuccino. Because Cappuccino is drunk only at breakfast.

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