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Features and Benefits of the World’s Most Gemstone

Precious and Semi Precious Stones

Precious stones, which have an important place in the lives of women, are very popular today. The stones in nature can actually be much more valuable than you think. Semiprecious stones and precious stones have an important place in the world. In this content, you can find detailed information about precious stones and semi-precious stones.

The most precious stones of the world are especially the ones that women love the most. Do you know the benefits of semi-precious stones for human health? Semi-precious stones not only prevent many health problems but also affect the person with their appearance. But what are the benefits of semi-precious stones?

What are precious stones? Where are the precious stones that affect people deeply and put them under their beauty? In this content you can find detailed information about what are the precious stones and their names. Here is everything about precious stones.

Pearl Stone
Known as the apple of the seas, pearl is among the most precious stones of the world. Its formation and wonderful glow are among the features that make it different from other stones. İnci is not included in the mineral group. The biggest reason for this is the formation of mussels. The pearl, which is formed as a miracle of nature, is an extremely precious stone. In general, the color is white, and the pearl with a general cut shape is formed within 3 or 4 years when the required environment and conditions are met.

Opal Stone
Its title is known as the color stone. Opal stone can be removed in many countries of the world, Turkey, Australia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Brazil, Japan, located in countries such as the United States. It is known that it is very sensitive among the most important features of Opal Stone. 30 percent of Opal Stones are made up of water. If the water ratio decreases, the natural color of the stone gradually decreases and disappears. At the same time, if there is any change in the water rate of the stone, it may crack. Opal stone, which is one of the most valuable stones of the world, needs to be very careful when handling. It is believed to be the auspicious stone of the Opal Stone, Aquarius and Libra bushes, whose physical structure is referred to as natural volcanic rock.

Amethyst Stone
Amethyst stone, which has a purple and eye-catching color, is extracted from countries such as Brazil, Russia, America, Mexico, Uruguay, Nambia, Madagascar and Ceylon. Amethyst stone, which has a variety of colors, has varying colors in purple tones such as bluish purple, reddish purple. At the same time, Amethyst stone is formed by the radiation and iron surrounding the color centers.

Emerald Stone
The Emerald Stone, called the queen of stones, is extracted from countries such as India, Colombia, Brazil, USA, Australia, Russia, Pakistan, Tanzania. Emerald Stone, which is among the most valuable stones of the world, has color varieties such as green, light green, yellow green. They are especially known as auspicious stones of Taurus and Cancer signs. The Emerald Stone, which has the shape of Prism in its physical structure, is also known as the stone of May. The common characteristics of the clan are that they are sensitive and fragile. Emerald Stone, which is one of the stones that need to be paid attention while processing, is more valuable when it is dark.

Ruby Stone
Ruby Stone, whose title is known as the Blood of the Earth, is among the most precious stones. It is extracted in important countries such as Rhodes, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Thailand, Brazil, Colombia, Republic of Madagascar, Australia, America and Switzerland. Ruby Stone, which is 150 times softer than Diamond, contains various stains. These stains do not make Ruby Stone worthless. It is a very natural situation. Yakut Stone, whose cut shape is oval in general, has a physical structure of Prism. Ruby Stone, which is light-proof as a raw material, is as bright as a diamond after processing.

Sapphire Stone
Sapphire Stone, one of the most valuable stones of the world, strengthens nails and hair in terms of health. Sapphire Stone, which prevents insomnia and has a calm and relaxing feature, is also called the auspicious stone of the bow, scales, bull and fish signs. Sapphire Stone, extracted from countries such as USA, Nigeria, Tanzania, India, Australia, China, Kenya, Srilanka, Thailand, has colors such as pink, yellow, green, orange, white, blue, black. At the same time, the most valuable color of Sapphire Stone is blue water lily color. Sapphire Stone, which is formed as a result of different chemical reactions with chromium, iron and corundum, is softer and more fragile than diamond.

Aquamarine Stone
Aquamarine Stone, also known as Water Blue, resembles prism in its physical structure. Aquamarine Stone, called the auspicious stone of scorpio people, is known for its ability to remove allergic reactions. It has the ability to calm the person. The Aquamarine Stone is generally blue in color, but the dark blue one is more precious and beautiful. It is excluded from countries such as Australia, India, Kenya, Mozambique, USA, Sri Lanka in the world.

Citrine Stone
Citrine Stone, which takes its place among the most precious stones, has yellow, orange and brownish orange color varieties. It is extracted all over the world in countries such as Brazil, Bolivia, Nambia, Madagascar and Ceylon. Citrine Stone, which has dimensions of 7mm in diameter, is known as auspicious stone of the people who have the lion sign.

Garnet Stone
Garnet Stone, which is believed to strengthen the person in difficult times, has various features. It is the auspicious stone of people who have scorpions and Aquarius. Garnet Stone, known as rhombic in its physical structure, is extracted from countries such as Slovakia, Czech Republic, USA, Brazil, Zambia, India, South Africa, Australia, Afghanistan. Garnet Stone, which changes color when heated, has white rose, yellow, blue, red, green, black and black red color variations. The real meaning of Garnet Stone is grain. Garnet Stone, which has a Latin name, is the stone of January.

Tanzanite Stone
Tanzanite Stone, which has a transparent blue color, is extracted from the country of Tanzania. Tanzanite Stone, which is a very precise and precious stone, is processed by facet link, string and carved cut. Tanzanite Stone, which has sizes ranging from 6mm to 7mm, is among the most precious stones.

Peridot Stone
Peridot Stone, which is sensitive to the press, is among the most valuable and beautiful stones of the world. Peridot Stone, known as the lucky stone of the Leo and Libra zodiac signs, has a distinctive yellow color in transparent green. In addition to having a bright and slightly oily appearance, it is quite eye-catching. Peridot Stone, extracted in Australia, Brazil, South Africa, takes anger and stress. Peridot Stone, which relaxes by giving peace to the person, can prevent many health problems.

Turquoise Stone
Turquoise Stone, whose real name is known as Turkish Stone, is called natural volcanic rock as its physical structure. The most valuable Turquoise Stone is extracted from Iran. This stone is not actually removed from Turkey called Turkish Move to the trade route that once passed through Anatolia. Turquoise Stone is extracted from countries such as Afghanistan, Australia, China, Tibet, Israel, USA, Tanzania.

Alexandrite Stone
Alexandrite Stone, which was named after Alexander’s, the Tsar of Russia, is an extremely precious stone. It is known that only the world was removed from Russia. This stone, whose general color is known for its green red tones, can also be seen to change color tones according to the light. Known for its concentration-regulating feature, Alexandrite Stone is in the form of prism as its physical structure. Alexandrite Stone, which takes its place among the most precious stones of the world, is in the shape of an oval in general cut shape.

Diamond Stone
Diamond, one of the hardest and most precious stones in the world, is called the symbol of abundance loyalty and innocence. The value of Elma, whose other name is known as the Stone of Dreams, continues to increase today. Purifying the human body from negative energies, Elmas is also known for its ability to help brain functions develop faster. The Diamond Stone, which is frequently used in rings, necklaces and earrings, is extracted in many countries of the world.

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