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HBO’s Best TV Shows Throughout Their Period

We brought together the most watched and most popular HBO series of all time. Here are the best HBO series that you can’t get enough of watching…

Insecure (2016) IMDb: 7.8
HBO’s comedy series “Insecure…”, one of the most successful and popular TV series producers in the world, is the star of Youtube star Issa Rae, chosen as the 23 funniest people in the USA. Subject; The friendship, life and struggle of two US citizens of African origin are explained.

Genre: Comedy

True Blood (2008-2014) IMDb: 7.9
It is an impressive production that pioneered the vampire series that left their mark on a period to take place in the sector. Of course, if there is a vampire in the series, it is also a must for sexuality.

True Blood, spoken with its bold scenes that marked the period it published and embody sexuality, is a series that you will not be able to watch while watching…

Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Mystery

The Deuce (2017 -…) IMDb: 8.1
An extremely impressive production that HBO brought to the screens in 2017. In the series, which is about 1970s, the USA started to be trapped in a capitalist system and people are only concerned with consumption and earning a lot of money. When the series passed, porn, drug and real estate sectors started to grow, and those who entered these sectors prevented everyone from making money. . In The Deuce, which is shown among the best HBO series, the audience witnesses the best periods of the porn industry and other sectors that have been on the rise with it.

Genre: Drama

The Pacific (2010) IMDB: 8.3
The Pacific II. Another HBO series about World War II. We especially added this production to our list because it has a very high connection with the Band Of Brothers series. After finishing the Band Of Brothers series, we recommend you watch the Pacific production. The difference between the two series is about Band Of Brothers ground forces, while Pacific tells the navy. We definitely recommend you to watch this production that you will get enough of the battle scenes.

Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama

Carnivale (2003-2005) IMDb: 8.4
The series, which tells about the 1930s, tells about the economic crisis and great drought that prevailed in the world for a long time. The protagonist of the story focuses on the experiences of a famous carnival employee Ben Hawkins and Justin Crow, a priest in California. These two people who have never seen each other have similar dreams and their paths will cross in the future.

Silicon Valley (2014 -…) IMDb: 8.5
The series is about the experiences of a group of computer programmers working in Silicon Valley in the late 1980s. In the leading role, Richard is a nerdy character and has 5 friends who accompany him. It is a production that contains more types of black humor.

Genre: Comedy

Big Little Lies (2017) IMDb: 8.6
Adapted from the book of the same name by the famous Australian writer Liane Moriary, Big Little Lies is among the best HBO series of the last years that have had a great impact with its subject and shootings. The series tells about the crossing of their paths after a murder of three women who seemed to have wonderful lives from the outside. While all the women were going to the parents’ meeting of their children, a murder was committed and they will try to reveal this murder.

Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery

The Newsroom (2012 – 2014) IMDb: 8.6
The Newsroom, which HBO has brought to the screen with great hopes in recent years and has gained the appreciation of many people, conveys the events that people who prepare and present night news behind the camera. It is a very successful production for our readers who care about media, power, politics and freedom of the press.

Genre: Drama

Rome (2005-2007) IMDb: 8.7
An exquisite historical HBO series Rome, created in partnership with the USA, Italy and Italy. The main roles are Caesar’s two soldiers, Lucius Corenus and Titus Pullo. The first season focuses on the struggle of Caesar’s armies, the Battle of Gaul, while in the second season, the fight between Caesar’s heiress Octavian and Mark Antony. In 2006 and 2007, we strongly recommend you to watch the Rome series, which received 7 Emmy Awards.

Genre: Action, Drama, History

The OZ (1997 – 2013) IMDb: 8.7
Think of a prison… Now erase the prison you are thinking of. Because the “OZ” prison is very different from the prisons you have heard and seen before. Gays, Latins, Muslims and Gang members are among those who struggle for life within the prison. Some groups struggle in the drug trade, while others struggle to dominate each other. We definitely recommend you to watch this production that we will keep in mind when we are not included in the list of the best series of HBO.

Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller

Westworld (2016) IMDb: 8.8
The Westworld series, which met with the audience for the first time in 2016, is one of the productions of HBO that has had a great impact in recent years. Everyone in the park is a robot. One day, the central robot system breaks down. Two guests in the Wild West with artificial intelligence think they are being chased by a robot. Guests who want to have fun and have a great adventure try to get rid of the armed shooter as time goes on.

Genre: Drama, Mystery, Science – Fiction

Boardwalk Empire (2010-2014) IMDb: 8.8
Another mafia series on the list of HBO’s best series is Boardwalk Empire… The series is about the life and life of gangsters who broke the prohibition in the USA between 1920 and 1933. When politicians come into play… What more do you want in a TV series… Boardwalk Empire, which is one of the most popular TV series of HBO, is definitely a preferable production for our readers who are looking for productions in the mafia and crime series.

Genre: Crime, Drama, History

True Detective (2014 -…) IMDb: 9.0
It is one of the best HBO series to watch but not yet known to many people… Two detectives who have been chasing a serial killer for 17 years are once again heading to the interrogation table with the reopening of the case years later. We strongly recommend you to watch especially the first season of the production, which covers a different topic each season. Afterwards, make sure that you have to watch the other seasons and you will feel yourself.

Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery

Band Of Brothers (2001) IMDb: 9.0
An exquisite production about World War 2… Band Of Brothers, which has always been included in the list of the best HBO series, consists of only 10 episodes. If you want to feel what happened during the Second World War to your marrow, the Brothers Team is a production for you.

Genre: Action, Drama, History

The Sopranos (1997-2007) IMDb: 9.2
The series, in which the Italian-American mafia family living in America experiences in New Jersey, not only marks the period when it was published, but also announces the HBO series platform to the world. You should also watch The Sopranos, which is among the best HBO series, regardless of the year of production. Especially for our readers who love mafia-type subjects, The Sopranos is a unique Indian fabric…

Genre: Crime, Drama

The Wire (2002-2008) IMDb: 9.3
The Wire, one of the best productions of all time, produced by HBO, is set in Baltimore, USA. The series focuses on a problem that begins every season, and the events and the life of the criminals are common to the audience. The fact that David Simon, a former police reporter in the production of the directory, adds a documentary feature to the series.

Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller

Game Of Thrones (2011-2019) IMDb: 9.4
Many people who read this content got to know HBO perhaps through this series. The most watched series of recent times, which came to the screens in 2011 and made a final in 2019, managed to establish a throne in the hearts with each season. Betrayal, lust, foot games, supernatural powers, and the Iron Throne fight… If you have not watched a single episode so far, you are very lucky… Because you can watch the Game of Thrones series, which is mentioned as the best series of all time, when you cannot find a series to watch.

Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama

Chernobyl (2019) IMDb: 9.5
Chernobyl, which came to the screens in 2019 and had a great impact all over the world, deals with what happened after the explosion in the nuclear power plant in 1986. After this explosion at the border of Belarus in Belarus, you will react to the level that the officials made the decisions, which will not be that much.

Genre: Drama, History

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