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Must-Watch Movies – Best Movies to Have on Your Movie Recommendations List

“The films that must be watched” and “The films that should be watched before death” are the leading topics that cinema lovers are looking for and wonder about. movies that must be watched first..

Book Thief (2013) IMDb: 7.6
As the subject of the film, written by Marcus Zusak, Death tells the story of Liesel Meminger, which was raised at the age of nine during WWII in a German working class neighborhood. Liesel soon establishes such a bond with books that he begins to have some kind of love relationship with them. After a while, he starts playing books and brings what he stole to his stepfather and others. The novel, written by Death, was published in 2007 and is still successfully sold.

Dragon Tattooed Girl (2009) IMDb: 7.8
Swedish author Stieg Larsson’s Millennium Trilogy is a record-breaking, breathless novel series that sold 21 million in 41 countries. Although the subject of the film, which broke records on its territory during its release, seems complicated, it is actually very simple. In the Dragon Tattoo Girl, the journalist Mikael Blomkvist, who is about to go to jail, and the mysterious, nerdy, incompatible, tattooed hacker girl Lisbeth Salander, trying to find the lost Harriet Venger exactly 40 years ago. In this process, he exposes several murders. Vanger, who was the hunter at the beginning of the movie, fell into the right hunting situation at the end of the movie. If you haven’t watched this movie, where excitement and tension are not lacking until the last minute, we say that you don’t waste any time…

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008) IMDb: 7.8
The Strange Story of Benjamin Button, one of the works that cinema lovers should definitely watch, which is also included in the list of best love movies suggestions, is a genre you have never encountered before. This production, which includes famous names such as Brad Pitt, Cate Blanchett and Tilda Swinton, is also among the Oscar-winning films.

Life of Pi (2012) IMDb: 7.9
Inspired by Yann Martel’s best-selling book of the same name, this beautiful film tells a magical adventure story centered on an animal keeper and her young son.

At the beginning of the film, which has a very different place among Indian films, a Canadian writer wants to visit Pi Patel and tell her life story. Pi, whose life is full of adventures, begins to tell his story and events develop… In the story of Pi Patel, the shipwreck he experienced on his journey from a zoo in India to the Pacific Ocean, and what happened afterwards were impressively described. After the Gemiz accident, the lifeboat where Pi is located includes a wounded-legged zebra, an orangutan, and a three-hundred-pound Bengal tiger. The film tells the story of how the young man survived in this complex setting.

Millionaire (2008) IMDb: 8.0
Many of the films that affect our lives consist of books written earlier. The millionaire movie is also a movie inspired by the book and has received many awards. Adapted from the award-winning Indian writer and diplomat Vikas Swarup’s book Q and A, the interesting story of a young man from Mumbai’s poor neighborhood, Dharavi, is narrated. Jamal is a poor and orphan but idealistic child. His biggest dream is to participate in India’s most famous quiz show and win the big prize money. Jamal’s way of answering questions is surprising everyone who watches the movie. We definitely recommend you to watch this legendary movie which includes drama, love, excitement and comedy.

Pirates of the Caribbean Pirates of the Black Pearl (2003) IMDb: 8.0
No one has heard of the Caribbean Pirates series. In the film, Captain Jack Sparrow’s (Johnny Depp) is a light-hitting brat character. His life changes suddenly when his ship loses Black Pearl to his greatest enemy, Captain Barbossa. Caribbean Pirates, one of the most popular films of recent years, is one of the works that must be watched. I do not need to touch on serial movies at all. Because when you watch the first movie, other movies will come as if they were ripping socks off.

The Missing Girl (2014) IMDb: 8.1
Gone Girl, which is a legendary movie that many people haven’t heard of, but is a must-watch for movie lovers. In the film, starring Ben Affleck, Nick and Amy are preparing to celebrate the fifth anniversary of their marriage in a hot summer morning in one of the states of Missouri, USA. However, a bad event takes place and Amy disappears. When Amy doesn’t come back, the police start to suspect her husband, Nick.

Truman Show (1998) IMDb: 8.1
Truman Show, which is one of the films recommended in the faculties of communication at universities, is a work that makes the most essential criticisms about the television industry. In the film, he describes the people who live on the most beautiful island in the world and end the day without any problems. Truman (Jim Carrey), who starred in the movie, sees his father who died while living on the island and is sure of it, but his father disappears in a moment. Then he begins to question the living space. We strongly recommend you to watch Truman Show, one of the best films ever. You will not regret.

V For Vendetta (2005) IMDB: 8.2
By visiting the Best Action Movies page, you can find “the best action movies ever” featuring many action movies such as V For Vandetta.

Perhaps a sentence that tells the “Ideas Bullet Proof” movie with a single sentence… In this impressive film, which tells about the events in Great Britinia, a fascist order dominates an era. A freedom fighter known as “V” uses terrorist tactics to fight the oppressive society. In this way, the awakening story of the British people, who found salvation in an oppressive rule, is told.

Wounded Face (1983) IMDb: 8.3
Scarface, which is among the best films of Al Paçino, is a production that can be included in the list of the best films ever. In this movie, which was released in 1983 and has been watched ever since, the Cuban criminal named Tony Montana comes to Miami and starts working under the command of drug lord Robert Loggia. Montana’s ambition and anger make it possible to climb up the steps and become the head of a major criminal network. Scarface, which you will enjoy from every scene, must be one of the films that you must watch.

Battle (2000) IMDb: 8.3
Snatch, one of the most beautiful examples of crime and action in recent years, addresses two different issues that have occurred in London’s underground crime organization. Although the beginning of these two issues is not related, then the events develop in such a way that these two stories turn to tangle. Snatch, which is similar to the movie From Fire to Heart, from Mind to Dumana, should be on the list of films that you should watch without any doubt.

Reservoir Dogs (1992) IMDb: 8.3
One of the legendary works of world-famous director Quentin Tarantino … Reservoir Dogs … In the film, a group of criminals rob a jewelry store. The police go after them so quickly that they suspect that there is an informant among them. You should add this movie, which is quite different from the stereotype robberies you expect, to the list of movies that you must watch.

3 Idiots (2009) IMDb: 8.4
One of the Most Beautiful Films of Aamir Khan, 3 Ahmak films describe the lives of students who started the best engineering school in India. In the film, a student who tries to change the system in a school where the system is always based on racing, where everyone tries to be the best, and his 2 best friends live in detail. This film, which transmits the drama in the best way, is actually in a tutorial film position.

Braveheart (1995) IMDb: 8.4
Cesur Yurek is a great movie that is also on the list of the best war films. Braveheart, which you must watch throughout your life, is also an Oscar awarded work. As for the film; In the 13th century, the British dominated in Scotland and have the right to engage in overnight relationships with Scottish women. Our hero, William Wallace’s wife, is killed by British troops, and Wallace’s steps to take revenge lead to a huge freedom war.

Green Road (1999) IMDb: 8.5
To wipe your tears, take napkins with you. a movie that you will need to buy. So much so that John Coffey is sure that if you are a woman or a man, it is sure that it will bring age. John Coffey is a prisoner with supernatural powers. Tom Hanks is on duty in this prison. John Coffey, a very large man, was sentenced to death for killing two little girls. Unlike its spooky appearance, Coffey, which has a very thin and complex inner world, has some supernatural powers. With the healing of Edgecomb, who is sick, thanks to Coffey’s powers, things start to develop and the negative views against this big man disappear later. We definitely recommend you to watch this work that received the best film award.

Pianist (2002) IMDb: 8.5
Our main character, Wladyslaw Szpilman, is a 27-year-old young and popular pianist when the war breaks out. Our highly talented lead character has begun to play in bars where blacksmiths and collaborators have fun in his new life with war. One of the enemy soldiers he knew here saved him and one of the prisoner camp trains that took his family to death. He is a German officer who made this rescue, and Szpilman managed to survive the war thanks to this officer. In this movie, which tells about the Second World War very impressively, you will not leave the screen for a moment.

Unchained (2012) – IMDb: 8.5
This movie, which tells about two years before the American Civil War, begins exactly with an intersection. At this intersection, Django, who was the slave, and the German-based bounty hunter. It is the intersection of King Schultz.

Django’s only goal is to reach an agreement with Schultz, who wants to take over his former master dead or alive, and promises to bring Brittle brothers to him in the face of his freedom. Jobs go exactly as they want and are provided in light of the promised promises. As a result of the developing event, Schultz and Django cannot be separated from each other. These two characters chase after South’s most wanted criminals …

Leon / The Power of Love (1994) IMDb: 8.6
A perfect killer and a 12-year-old girl who knows her weak spot …

Mathilda is a 12-year-old little girl whose family lives in New York. For Mathilda, who does not like her family, her most valuable asset is her younger brother. When his father is involved in drug affairs, the mafia kills all members of the family. Mathilda, who was shopping at the time, escapes from the incident and hides in Leon’s apartment. Then he gets support from LEON to get revenge. If you want to watch a great movie that you can not get out of the effect when you watch, you should definitely choose the Power of Love.

Life is Beautiful (1999) IMDb: 8,6
In our story, a few years before the second world war, in which millions of people died, the main character, Guido, is hit by Dora, the beauty of the worlds. Even though many obstacles are encountered, their marriage will be a happy ending. The war comes out when everything is okay. When they are taken to the concentration camp because they are Jews, Guido will tell his son as a game of prisoner camp and war; If his son successfully completes the game, he will gift a toy tank he wants as a reward. One of the most crucial points of the movie is this scene. One of the films that best adapts the destructive effect of the Second World War on civilians to the big screen, Hayat Güzeldır is always in its content as well as its name, despite its adversity.

Interstellar / (2014) IMDb: 8.6
Interstals, one of the most beautiful sci-fi movies of recent times, is a brain-burning film. In Interstellar, which has been shown among the most beautiful films of recent years, life on earth ends. A group of researchers decides to go far beyond the galaxy we are in, taking on a crucial task to explore new living spaces. Matthew McConaughey (Cooper), starring in the corn field, is a father who looks after his two children. One day, an unexpected offer comes up one day, and his family, moreover, must make a tough decision for the safety of humanity.

Forrest Gump (1994) IMDb: 8.8
Among the films you will watch, perhaps a movie that will be the most influential film for you… Forrest Gump… Forrest is an inherently disabled child. This disability has not blunted his desire to become a normal person. On the contrary, Forrest, who has experienced incredible difficulties for thirty years, eventually made him see himself among the most beloved football stars of his country. His efforts not only did this, but he returned as a hero from the Vietnam War. He even managed to get a medal of honor at the White House. I would put Forrest Gump in the first place if I had made a ranked list among the films you should definitely watch.

Schinler’s List (1993) IMDb: 8.9
Schindler’s List, which has won Academy awards in seven disciplines, has been honored many times, including Best Film and Best Director. The film tells the true story of the mysterious and pro-war enigmatic Oscar Schindler, a member of the Nazi Party, who saved the lives of more than 1100 Jews during the time of genocide.

BATMAN: The Dark Knight (2008) IMDb: 9.0
Black Knight, one of the best action movies in which Nolan wrote the script of the brothers, is a wonderful work in the DC Universe. Batman, the protector of Gotham City, fights against the Joker in the movie. Of course, this situation will not be simple. The Joker is one of the biggest enemies the city of Gotham can see. The action-packed Dark Knight must be on your list of movies that you have to watch.

Cost of Estates (1994) IMDb: 9,3
By looking at the list of the Best Drama Movies Ever, you can find the drama movie suggestions in which the movies should be watched.

Shawsank Prison, which was nominated for an Oscar for 7 branches under the signature of Stephen King; Andy Dufresne (Tim Robbins), a young and smart banker, is on trial for killing his wife and his girlfriend. Although he states that he is not guilty, he is sent to prison as a result of the court. Dufrense, who has fallen into the most terrifying environment of his life, encounters many negative events here. Andy, who looks at all these things with a positive thought, somehow manages to survive and starts making new friends. His best friend was Red (Morgan Freeman). Red helps Andy in many ways in prison life. Andy will completely change Red’s perspective on life.

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