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Netflix Action Movies – Top 20 Action Movies You Can Watch on Netflix

Netflix Action Movies – Top 20 Action Movies You Can Watch on Netflix

You can now find action movies, which are among the most preferred genres of the cinema, on Netflix platform. The productions that are on the list of the best Netflix action movies we have prepared for you are included in both the Unforgettable Best Movies list and the Movies That Must Be Watched.

Exhaustion (2018) IMDb: 5.8
The biggest nightmare of Peter, a family man, is the alien invasion. Overwhelmed by his dreams, Peter has to face the aliens, who have one of their biggest nightmares, one day.

The world has been subjected to a major invasion, and an extraterrestrial power wants to completely destroy the planet. Trying to survive with his family, Peter realizes an unknown force that protects them. We recommend you to watch Extinction, which is extremely action and tension.

Polar (2019) IMDb: 6.3
Polar, a successful film among Netflix original films in recent years, is a legendary production starring James Bond Casino Royale, and Mads Mikkelsen, who made his name with Hannibal, who is among the series to watch. In Polar, which is shown as the best movie of Netflix 2019, Duncan Vizla is actually a very different person, although he is seen as a normal man from the outside. Duncan is Black Kaiser, the world’s best assassin.

Polar will be a very good choice for our readers who like weapons, conflict, tension, revenge and action movies.

Bright (2017) IMDb: 6.4
Netflix, which met the audience in 2017, is a very successful production starring Bright, Will Smith, Joel Edgerton and Noomi Rapace. It is explained that he lived in between. Ward and orc Jakoby are the two officers who were together on the night patrol. One day they will have to act together to preserve a sacred relic that is thought to be forgotten. Bright will be a great choice for those who prefer a movie with lots of action scenes.

Fast and Furious 8 (2017) IMDb: 6.5
Fast and Furios 8, the 8 films of the Fast and Furious movie series, asks a brutal cyber terrorist group to turn its back on Dom’s family and work for him. Dom has no escape from this situation, but other members of the family have no intention of giving up. While Dom has to work with his enemies, he also takes risks.

Mogli: The Jungle Boy (2018) IMDb: 6.5
Mowgli Forest Boy, one of the Netflix original films, is one of the productions adapted from the book. In the film, he tells the story of an orphan child raised by animals in the forest. Mogli is considered by animals in the forest, but is found in people who do not want it and have hostility.

While Protecting the Enemy (2012) IMDb: 6.8
Safe House is one of the action movies we will recommend to you. A young CIA agent, Matt Weston, is required to remove a dangerously dangerous water from the police department’s attacked safe home and transport it to a more confident location. This extraordinary couple must survive until they realize who wants to kill them.

14.th World War Zombie (2013) IMDb: 7.0

World War Z Zombie Gerry Lane (Bradd Pit) and his family are the top films that bring a new breath to the zombie movies. On a busy day, there is a sudden chaos. Cars hit each other, people start running recklessly around. In the Lane family who cannot understand what is happening, Gerry’s only purpose is to keep her family alive. They soon realize that they are facing a huge virus that threatens humanity. In this case, the biggest task falls to Gerry, a former United Nations official. He must find the antidote of the virus and keep himself and his family away from this virus.

Italian Job (2003) IMDb: 7.0
In The Italian Job, which is one of the best action movies you can watch on Netflix and tells about the best heist in the world, you will get enough of the action with Jason Statham, Edward Norton and Mark Wahlberg. For our readers who have a hard time finding beautiful movies among the newest action movies, we especially recommend watching this action-robbery movie on Netflix.

Bandit King (2018) IMDb: 7.0
Outlaw King, shot by the Netflix platform, 14 century. and it is a true story. In the film, he tells about the struggle and sacrifices of Robert the Bruce during the occupation of the king of England, Edward I, in medieval Scotland.

Jack Reacher (2012) IMDb: 7.0
Jack Reacher, starring Tom Cruise, the indispensable actor of action films, is one of the most preferred productions among Netflix action film genres. In the film, 5 people are killed by the river. The killer is caught in a short time. Something interesting arises during the query. The killer does not speak a word during the query and writes a piece of paper; “Find Jack Reacher.” Jack Reacher, a former soldier, will enter a case after this minute in which he will reveal the invisible aspects of the event.

Gang of Wizards (2013) IMDb: 7.3
The mysterious wizard Atlas assembles the 4 best wizards of the world to form a team called The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. These 4 wizards organize their people, who are shown great in their mind. During their first big show, they select one of the viewers to rob the bank at another end of the world. The money earned is transferred to the account of the audience. During the show, the FBI goes after the team and begins a chase whose action never ends. You should definitely watch the second movie of Now You See Me, which is one of the best action movies that users can watch on Netflix.

John Wick (2014) IMDb: 7.3
I hope no one will say no if we put a production like John Wick at the top of the action movies you can watch on Netflix… In the movie, John Wick is an old hired killer who left dirty jobs after meeting and dreaming of the woman of his dreams. His wife dies of cancer. John Wick is now alone. His wife wrote a letter to John Wick before he died, and he left a dog so that he was not alone. One evening, attackers steal his car and kill his dog. After learning that the gang attacking the car is the son of the former boss, Wick pursues revenge.

John Wick, a series of films you will watch breathlessly, will be a very good choice.

Our Mission Hazard 5 (2015) IMDb: 7.4
One of the best action movies that can be watched on Netflix is ​​Mission Impossible 5, which was released in 2015. His cast includes Tom Cruise, Rebecca Ferguson, Simon Pegg, Jeremy Renner, Ving Rhames and Alec Baldwin star. Agent Hunt, who is also chasing an impossible mission, faces an enemy this time. Nothing much to tell. Those who watch the previous films of the series are sure that they will like it in the 5th movie.

Sherlock Holmes Series (2009-2011) IMDb: 7.6
Indispensable actor of action films Robert Downey JR. Sherlock Holmes, where he is our protagonist, is one of the best action movies to watch on Netflix. In the movie Robert Downey JR. and his closest friend Watson (Jude Law) is embarked on an adventure. If you have not watched the Sherlock Holmes series, which is the movie series we will present to you among the action adventure movie suggestions, we strongly recommend you to watch it with Netflix quality.

The Man Without a Past (2002) IMDB: 7.9
One of the best films of all time, Man with No History, is also on the list of the best series movies. The subject of The Bourne Identy, which is the action type that Netflix incorporates, is as follows; The re-emergence of CIA’s ex-agent, Jason Bourne, who is supposed to be dead, is upsetting someone’s plan. What Bourne’s enemies don’t know is that our hero doesn’t remember anything …

You should definitely watch the Jason Bourne series, which is one of the best movies that can be watched on Netflix with its subject, filming and acting success.

Resurrection (2015) IMDb: 8.0

Resurrection, which is about the epic struggle for survival on the border of the 19th century America, draws the audience to the unique beauty, mystery and danger of 1823 America. In the film, which has been nominated for an Oscar in 12 branches, Leonardo DiCaprio is the first to receive the best actor award. On the subject of the movie The Reverant, a hunter who trapped animals for his fur in the 1820s describes the life war to take revenge on a brutal mercenary who left him on the banks of the Missouri River.
Pirates of the Caribbean Series (2003 – 2017) IMDb: 8.0
Action and Adventure movie seekers The most important films that Netflix users should watch on the platform is the Pırates Of Carrıbean series. In the movie, which tells the adventures of pirates’ best Jack Sparrow, the fastest pirate ship Black Pearl is stolen by Jack’s enemy, Captain Barbossa. Jack is now shipless and alone. He is thrown into the dungeon to be executed in the Port Royal cabin. Jack needs to get out of there and get Black Pearl back. You can find all the series of the movie that does not take the viewer off the screen with its action and adventure scenes on Netflix platform.

Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) IMDb: 8.1
Guardians Of The Galaxy, which is one of the heroes of Marvel and Avengers and has an important place among Marvel Movies, Netflix films meet users in the action genre.

Guardians Of The Galaxy, which has a very different place in the Marvel universe, is a completely space-making production. The adventurer Peter Quill, who wears the nickname Star-Lord, who plays the leading role in the movie, gets into trouble with enemy Ronan when he steals a mysterious sphere.

In this process, he meets Rocket, Groot, Drax, and Gamora, which he will fall in love with in the future … We strongly recommend you to watch this successful Marvel Movie, which is full of action in every scene.

Triple Frontier (2019) IMDb: 8.7
It’s a great movie for those who watch Narcos and miss the bloody struggle between the drug trafficking in Colombia and the police. However, this time the event is quite colorful. This time, 5 specially trained officers who could not spend years in fighting against the cartels and achieved nothing, planned an operation independent of the state and seized to seize all the money they caught. But things are getting crazy.

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch (2018) IMDb: 8.9
Black Mirror, which is also on the list of the Best Foreign TV Series Ever and is also one of the Netflix original contents, this time created an interactive movie with the same name. Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, which has a feature that absorbs the audience, passes in the 1980s. The series is about the adventures of a young programmer. The fantastic novel written by this young character is turned into a video game and this move causes our character’s life to be turned upside down. The young man now begins to question life as virtual and real.

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