Monday, March 30, 2020

The Harm of Chocolate – Benefits and History!

Chocolate History

The history of chocolate is based on very ancient history. It was used in the making of a drink consumed on special days by Maya and Aztecs exactly 4 thousand years ago. During the geographical discoveries, chocolate began to be heard as Kristof Columbus moved to Europe. In Aztec and Mayans, only people with high emeralds could drink the beverage made from chocolate. Ordinary people could not drink without a very special situation. Cocoa, which was consumed bitterly as a beverage in the early days, started to be a different taste when the British added milk into the 1700s.

Chocolate spread to Europe and from there to the whole world with the geographical discoveries.

Why Do We Consume Chocolate?

There can be many reasons for consuming chocolate. These may include chronic, psychological or periodic problems. For example, women want to eat dessert, especially chocolate, during their period. The bioactive nutrient components and magnesium in the chocolate increase the seratonin, the happiness hormone in our body.

Benefits of Chocolate

No one can easily say no to a slice of chocolate. With its unique smell and aroma, chocolate is a food produced by combining it with different flavors all over the world. Of course, one of the things that we should not forget while consuming the chocolate is that a few of them are in the majority of decisions. So what are the benefits of chocolate for us? Here are the health benefits of chocolate.

According to some recent research, some of the ingredients in chocolate are an effective food in preventing cardiovascular diseases.

Blood Pressure and Cholesterol
Consuming dark chocolate regularly regulates blood pressure and helps lower cholesterol.

Blood Sugar
Especially since dark chocolate regulates blood sugar slowly, it is a very effective food for correcting blood sugar.

Mental Health
As chocolate, as we mentioned before, it releases the hormone of happiness and it is a pleasure with a slice.

Blood Pressure
Another effect of chocolate on our health is that it lowers high blood pressure.

Harm of Chocolate

Yes, chocolate is beneficial, and as a result of excessive consumption, we see many damages of chocolate. Here are the damages of chocolate to our body;

Consuming chocolate every day causes especially the bones of women to weaken and their resistance to decrease.

Chocolate causes us to gain weight due to the fats contained in the meal. For this reason, those who try to pay attention to their form should try to avoid excess chocolate.

Every chocolate that is eaten in excess is affecting our weight gain and indirectly our heart.

As you can see from above, you can see the damages of chocolate as a result of excessive consumption. For this reason, we recommend that you consume chocolate in moderation. It can cause great damage to the body in the short term, which does not do much harm but in the long term.

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