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What is Lip Biting Habit? What are the causes and ways to get rid?

What is Lip Biting Habit?

Experts state that the behavior of biting the lips and the inside of the cheek has appeared and progressed from the age of the child. Individuals can continue this habit from the time they start biting lips until they reach mature ages. There are even many people who cannot leave this behavioral disorder. Reasons revealing biting lips; personal problems are health problems and psychological problems.

The Emergence of the Lip BitingHabit
Factors affecting lip biting habit can be listed as various diseases, activities performed during the day. Here are the factors that lead to the appearance of lip biting habit;

More Thirst
The water needed for the continuity of our life constitutes a large part of our body. The body, which cannot get enough water, starts to lose water quickly. This situation brings with it lips licking and biting lips. Thus, the habit of biting lips is gained. In order to avoid this situation, the individual should pay attention to the daily water consumption and consume enough water.

Conditions such as excessive excitement and excessive stress experienced by the individual during the day may cause the individual to eat his lips. This condition usually occurs in individuals who are depressed and have various psychological disorders. In order to prevent this situation, the individual must have the necessary treatment. As a result of the treatment, the individual will get rid of the lip biting habit.

Kidney Diseases
The habit of biting or licking lips can sometimes be a sign of kidney disease. Because it is observed that individuals with impaired kidney function frequently eat lips. For this reason, individuals who have a habit of biting lips must have their kidney functions checked in a health institution.

Some drugs cause skin dryness as a side effect. This situation is especially observed in acne medications. As a result of the effects of these drugs, which dry the lips, the individual constantly starts to lick and eat their lips. When the use of the drug is over, this habit will disappear over time.

How to Stop Biting Lip
Here are the ways to quit lip biting habit;

Be Committed
Be determined not to eat your lips and condition yourself not to eat your lips again. You should repeat this thought continuously.

Use An Unpleasant Lipstick
Apply a lipstick on your lips that you will not want to enjoy, which will cause you to stop biting your lips. Thus, every time you try to eat your lips, you will have a nep and give up.

Find a Duty
Your lip biting habit can only occur due to boredom and standing idly. For this reason, you should find yourself a task and pay attention to this work. Getting hobbies will be good for you as well as your lips.

Avoid Boredom
Your lips do not deserve less value than any of your problems. Therefore, try to avoid troubles. Even if you encounter problems, condition yourself not to eat your lips.

Don’t Lick Your Lips
Often your licking your lips causes your lips to dry out. Drying lips form a crust. In this case, the individual will show the behavior of plucking his crusted lips. You should not lick your lips to avoid biting.

Chew Gum
While your mouth is empty, you may be turning towards your lips. To avoid this situation, you can distract your mouth. For this, chewing gum will be an effective solution. You can give up your habit of biting lips while chewing gum.

Get Your Dental Checkup
Some individuals’ biting habits are related to the mouth structure. The body that tries to correct the defect in your mouth structure can push you to your lips continuously. For this reason, you should definitely contact the dentist and have your teeth and mouth checked. You can get rid of your lip biting habit by treating the irregularity in your mouth.

Do Breathing Exercises
When you want to eat your lips, you can relax by doing breathing exercises from the diaphragm. Thus, you can prevent you from biting your lips at that moment. This will make your lip biting habit disappear over time.

The written and visual content contained in our content is a suggestion and information letter, which was created by compiling from different sources. It is not definitive diagnosis and treatment. Consult your doctor in case of any health problem. Remember, the treatment methods applied in health problems may vary according to the biology of the individuals, hereditary characteristics, age, height, weight differences, allergic aspects, and dozens of different situations. Only your doctor can help you in the treatment of your health problems.


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